The Speed of Light

For many years of my life I have written poetry. I was never all that serious about it, but I did have the opportunity to publish some work in a few midwestern literary journals in my mid-late 20’s. In 2010, I launched an online journal called, Everyday Other Things, for which I curated original work submitted by visual artists to inspire and pair with written submissions by literary artists.  I really enjoyed working with poetry and story when I was younger, but in recent years, it’s not something as present in my life. This morning, I sat down to catch up on some emails, and instead ended up penning this poem. I wanted to share it, as it was a helpful exercise for trying to stay present and rooted amidst the mixture of anxiety and excitement I feel  as we finally move forward into phase two of buildout for the new shop. Things should start to move very quickly very soon for Planetary Coffee. Thanks infinitely for reading reading my musings and for sharing space with us in your life:)

Here goes: 

The Speed of Light- Emily Wilensky

Dastardly—these days are not without struggle

poetry having been forgotten for some indeterminable stretch of highway

A forgotten blip on this earthly roadmap


circumambulating the Great Lakes

these last three decades

begging to glimpse of this glacial past

a vision of Her former grandeur


Infinite heaviness

truncated by duality

a nature known beyond knowing


these luminous prognostications

hurtling ever forward

the speed of light

remembered afterward

is never fully the present