Transmission from Mission Control

Original Artwork by Jenni Marion Manian

Fall has brought the fruits of some creative collaborations seeded earlier in the season. It’s always so inspiring to see what can be created when a group of individuals, with a variety of artistic talents, join forces. We had the honor of collaborating on a  bodaciously-styled photoshoot, which was recently featured on Wedding Day Magazine’s blog! Thanks so much to all the wonderful folks who teamed up to turn a passing idea into something really beautiful.

 Allen Kent Photography
Photo Credit: Allen Kent Photography

One last big thing–for some time now, we’ve been actively on the hunt for a home for a year-round brick and mortar operation. We are happy to announce  we have found a great fit and future home inside the State Street Marketplace!

We are very much looking forward to brewing coffee alongside our friends Waxwing Vintage, Wren the Butcher, Monkeyfist brewing, Crafted TC, Zaitun Cafe, and Franny’s F QueWith this new development, we have decided to wind down the truck for the 2017 season, (aside from the monthly brunch pop-ups) so we can hit the ground running with everything it takes to get our shop licensed equipped/stocked/ready to roll with a rad little set up.



Planetary Coffee Talk: featuring One Oak Bride

Emily recently got the chance to swing by Traverse City’s newest bridal boutique, One Oak Bride.  Since the  launch of our roving coffee truck in Traverse City last August, we have hoped to connect our stellar coffee service with coffee-loving couples planning their wedding in beautiful Northwest Lower Michigan. Since we are new on the wedding vendor scene here, we thought we’d seek some insights and inspiration from a stellar small business who’s hip to what’s shaking for the upcoming 2017 wedding season…

PC: What is the inspiration that drives OOB’s aesthetic?

Renee: Our aesthetic and our brand all ties into one. What makes us different is that we’re non-traditional. We came up with our motto: not stuffy, fluffy, poofy, floofy or traditional. That is our culture. It creeps into our photos and captions. We swear a lot, we’re a little sassy. That’s who we are. We are goofy and don’t take ourselves too seriously. It’s not just our brand, it’s who our brides are. Some of the women that come in immediately get it. They’re like, ‘I saw you, and it’s more like you’re friends than you are a salesperson.’

You had me at the vintage record player…this space is so stellar

Annie: We took the experiences that we had when we were bridal dress shopping and made sure that we only had the parts that we liked.

Renee: Which was like none of it.

Annie: Well, the one where I ended up finding my dress, I had a great experience. It was more personal. What I hated was when you had to walk out and stand on a pedestal and it felt like the whole store was staring at you. It made me feel really uncomfortable. So we decided, we’re just going to make it really simple, make it more private, so that way it’s not so overwhelming.

PC: Do you have any basic starting advice for couples who have just begun the wedding planning process? At what point in the overall planning process does a bride usually start looking for her dress?

Renee: Everything starts with the venue. Once they find the venue and have that vision. You are looking for a different dress whether you are having a beach wedding as opposed to a church wedding. The venue just dictates so much more than I even realized. So starting there and then coming in with what matches who you are as a person, but also, you want to fit the place. Annie:  I think researching  which bridal shop resonates with you, is really important.  The wedding dresses, most of them, you have to get the dress six months prior to the wedding. It’s very different than retail. It’s a much longer process. Brides often come back a few times, it’s and evolving relationship, and you have to make sure that every experience is the best experience.

PC: What are some of the big trends/themes for the 2017 wedding season, aesthetically or otherwise?

Annie: I think color has been being introduced slowly. Last season it was more of the blushy, rosy colors, but now I see it leaning toward the blue misty colors. Mismatched bridesmaids dresses. And that’s just one of those things that’s never going to go away, I hope.

Renee: Also, bridesmaids in white and the bride in color is really interesting.

Annie:  I think the cropped two-piece is something that happened with the fashionistas last year, and now I think it’s starting to become more mainstream. So having two pieces, or a dress with a separate long sleeve piece you can take off for the reception. I think a lot of the feedback we’ve heard from brides, is that our dresses are so light! They’re not as heavy with that thick boning and all that stiff fabric. I think now  much more flowy, thank goodness.

Swooning over these stunning fabrics and bodacious designs, as well as the hot pink vinyl

Planetary Coffee Buildout Phase 1


In mid-March 2016, we took our little rover down to Kingsley where we left it in the capable hands of the hard-working folks at Paul’s Auto & RV 


The first thing we wanted to tackle was updating the existing serving window. It was lacking in both functionality and security.

Old serving window

Say hello to the  super sleek serving window expertly installed at Paul’s. Now we can pop this bad-boy open with ease and style.

Truckwindow_1truck_service_closedserving window_prewalls

In addition to the stellar serving window, these pro’s hooked us up with some much needed roof exhaust fans and properly insulated the ceiling.


Now that we got our mobile coffee unit back, we can begin phase two of the buildout. Over the Memorial Day weekend we will begin to install  the walls, after which we’ll be tackling the Examiner’s electrical needs.  Once walls are walled and wires are wired, we’ll install the plumbing, equipment, and counters to brew tasty coffee upon.


To be continued. Stay tuned for the Phase 2 update.


Meet the “Examiner”

Through some accidental Googling, we recently stumbled across the original sales listing for our step van prior to the previous owner who we purchased it from. We are so pleased to introduce to you Planetary Coffee’s trusty steed, the Examiner 1. This cute little trooper made it clear across the country from the Golden State to end up here in our beloved home of Michigan, the Great Lakes State.

kinda sad that the original logo is no more
Sadly, the original logo was no more by the time we bought her.

Before we got our paws on it, this rad little rover used to traverse the iconic hills of San Fran to distribute the city’s long-running newspaper, The San Francisco Examiner. A pioneer in the daily newspaper industry since it began its publication in the late 19th century, the Examiner was the flagship publication of the Hearst Corporation. While George Hearst originally acquired the publication, it was his son, the legendary William Randolph Hearst, who took over the Examiner in 1887 and quickly transformed the paper into “the Monarch of the Dailies.”

Screen Shot 2016-07-05 at 1.57.38 PM

This trusty step van’s days of orbiting the historic streets of San Francisco delivering the news of the day may have come to a close, but this peppy go-getter has gained a second career as Traverse City’s first ever specialty coffee truck. We are grateful to have been given a glimpse into the Examiner’s past, and eagerly await all the adventures the future has in store for us as we get ready to launch Planetary Coffee into orbit this summer!