Planetary Coffee Pops-up at Press On Juice

A few months ago, when we first launched Traverse City’s first coffee truck, Planetary Coffee, we had no concrete idea where the next few months would take us. We just figured, let’s just get this thing off the ground, and we’ll sort out the details as we go along. We had considered a variety of scenarios of how we might be able to winterize and keep the truck operational throughout the long, cold winter here in Northern Michigan, each of which seemed to fall short, especially when we considered the cost associated with investing in the necessary infrastructure. Meanwhile, the question still remained: would people even approach the truck in the dead of winter if we were able to keep it running?

truck in the snow
The last day of service outside in the truck was a doozy!
These questions plagued us and served as a distraction from our ability to focus fully on the sole purpose of our operation, which is serving outta this world coffee and giving superb customer service! The breakthrough came one late fall day, when Kris Rockwood, the owner of Press on Juice, strolled out to our truck and casually invited us to work alongside her and her excellent staff inside her shiny retail and production facility. We were floored. This was such a huge breakthrough for us. Now we knew exactly what the next few months held in store for us: a winter pop-up shop inside a fabulous local juicery!
We’re overjoyed andfile_005 humbled to have the opportunity to share space with Kris and her incredible staff. Just in the few months of operating outside of Press On, we’ve forged many friendships with the individuals who work here and we are thrilled to be working alongside each other over the course of these next few winter months. The partnership is really easy, and very uplifting. Both of our businesses are environmentally-minded and engage in recycling and composting practices to reduce waste. Over the course of the off-season, and the remainder of the pop-up shop, we plan to make improvements to the truck and focus on marketing and filling up our calendar with events for the coming summer season. img_1503
Our winter pop-up hours will be Monday to Friday 7-3 and Saturday 9-4.  During this time, we will continue to serve our stellar coffee bar menu, and hand-brewed seasonal offerings sourced and roasted by Halfwit Coffee Roasters, but now we’ll do so alongside of Press On Juice’s fabulous menu of cold-pressed juices, nutritious smoothies, and a delicious raw food menu forthcoming in early 2017.

Planetary Coffee Buildout Phase 1


In mid-March 2016, we took our little rover down to Kingsley where we left it in the capable hands of the hard-working folks at Paul’s Auto & RV 


The first thing we wanted to tackle was updating the existing serving window. It was lacking in both functionality and security.

Old serving window

Say hello to the  super sleek serving window expertly installed at Paul’s. Now we can pop this bad-boy open with ease and style.

Truckwindow_1truck_service_closedserving window_prewalls

In addition to the stellar serving window, these pro’s hooked us up with some much needed roof exhaust fans and properly insulated the ceiling.


Now that we got our mobile coffee unit back, we can begin phase two of the buildout. Over the Memorial Day weekend we will begin to install  the walls, after which we’ll be tackling the Examiner’s electrical needs.  Once walls are walled and wires are wired, we’ll install the plumbing, equipment, and counters to brew tasty coffee upon.


To be continued. Stay tuned for the Phase 2 update.


Meet the “Examiner”

Through some accidental Googling, we recently stumbled across the original sales listing for our step van prior to the previous owner who we purchased it from. We are so pleased to introduce to you Planetary Coffee’s trusty steed, the Examiner 1. This cute little trooper made it clear across the country from the Golden State to end up here in our beloved home of Michigan, the Great Lakes State.

kinda sad that the original logo is no more
Sadly, the original logo was no more by the time we bought her.

Before we got our paws on it, this rad little rover used to traverse the iconic hills of San Fran to distribute the city’s long-running newspaper, The San Francisco Examiner. A pioneer in the daily newspaper industry since it began its publication in the late 19th century, the Examiner was the flagship publication of the Hearst Corporation. While George Hearst originally acquired the publication, it was his son, the legendary William Randolph Hearst, who took over the Examiner in 1887 and quickly transformed the paper into “the Monarch of the Dailies.”

Screen Shot 2016-07-05 at 1.57.38 PM

This trusty step van’s days of orbiting the historic streets of San Francisco delivering the news of the day may have come to a close, but this peppy go-getter has gained a second career as Traverse City’s first ever specialty coffee truck. We are grateful to have been given a glimpse into the Examiner’s past, and eagerly await all the adventures the future has in store for us as we get ready to launch Planetary Coffee into orbit this summer!