Up North Pride Week 2017

Planetary Coffee is all about inclusivity. We consider ourselves allies for all those who identify as queer, bi, trans, gay, lesbian, or otherwise marginalized  by color, gender or sexuality. This Sunday, June 25th, we will be marching in UpNorth Pride’s  4th annual Up North Pride Rally and Visibility March, and Emily and her dance troupe are honored to have the opportunity to perform a piece of choreography to a very powerful song by a visionary artist named Tunde Olanarian.

We just want to make it known that we consider ourselves dedicated to creating more inclusion in our community, and that all are welcome at our establishment. There are a ton of incredible events happening around Traverse City leading up to the the visibility march, and many different ways to get involved and show your pride. Hope to see you all on Sunday!!!

Emily’s dance troupe made some awesome pride fringe to rock during our post-march dance performance to “Namesake”