Dear friends, neighbors & fellow Coffeenauts,

We have come to the difficult decision to hang up our barista towels and set down our portafilters. We still have some sorting out to do, but above all else, we want you all to know that this decision was not made without a long, thorough and deep examination of our situation. We’ve looked at it from every angle and vantage point imaginable, and the sad reality is that we keep coming back to the exact same place. It’s a closed loop. And seeing as how this company was conceived and brought to fruition in the wake of another tragedy/crisis point in our lives, which had brought us to a similar closed loop situation in our lives which spanned from roughly 2012-2014. 

So it seems, we have essentially come full circle, and yes, we understand that we could do A, B, or C, or try it this way, or perhaps that way. Ultimately we can pivot every which way, and we can try to reconfigure or wait it out, but the honest truth is that we’ve already done that in a variety of different capacities since first launching Planetary as a mobile coffee experience in 2016. Our vision all along was to create an inclusive gathering place, where people could share coffee, conversation, and a welcoming space together.

Those who know myself and my husband/partner, Erik Harms, know that embarking on this journey was a way for us to heal after a deep undoing in our lives that had brought us to our knees, and it wasn’t until we set our sights on the concept of a coffee business that we began to see a light at the end of the dark tunnel of grief we were submerged in. We brought our raw, ragged, hopeful hearts to the whole venture, for better or for worse, and have come to a place where we need to tend to our personal lives and honor our romantic partnership above operating a business during times that bear no resemblance to the world we imagined when we brought Planetary Coffee into existence.

The thing we dreamed has not truly realized the full expression of the potential that was held in its growth and connection to the community that we always wanted to establish. We dreamed of curating musical performances, and many other glorious ideas that we have to mourn the dissolution of. But we will not stop dreaming. We will not stop creating. We know this was an important step in our healing, and now we can take the next step forward, albeit into a very surreal unknown. 

We would like to extend our most sincere appreciation and heartfelt gratitude for all of the support and friendships forged along this journey. We owe so much to so many, and we value and request your understanding of the decision we have had to come to terms with during this challenging chapter of our collective human experience.

Thank you for all the  joyful memories and friendships formed, these connections will continue to nourish us and honor the spirit of our venture moving forward.

Stay in touch and stay awake!
– Emily & Erik


Planetary Coffee got its start as a mobile specialty coffee shop, orbiting the Traverse City area. Find out more about our faithful little coffee truck, the Examiner, HERE.